Sculpture competition

Architecturally Inspired Sculpture Competition

Logo_DegreeArtTo celebrate the launch of Omnis and the integration of the six manufacturing brands, Omnis launched the ‘Architecturally Inspired Sculpture Competition’.

In conjunction with and Shelter, Omnis invited nine sculptors to take part in competition where each sculpture would be on show at the launch event and the winner chosen by the guests.

The rules

Entrants were provided with Omnis roofing, cladding and glazing products, which they combined with their own preferred material. Using their creativity, individual style and techniques they moulded, blended and shaped the materials into beautiful, integrated sculptures.

Each piece was on display on the evening of the launch event, in the Magazine Restaurant, where guests could peruse and chose their favourite.

The winners

Winner: Mark Beattie won £1000 for his fantastic piece which focused on the DNA of a building and the helix which represents DNA.

Runner up: Ian Tricker and his ‘Uruk I triptych’ piece took the runner-up position with £500 prize money. Ian commented,

“This opportunity challenged my approach to sculpture and introduced me to new ideas”.

The complete exhibition

20% donation to Shelter

All of the sculptures are now on sale at, with 20% of the sale price being donated to Shelter – the homelessness and housing charity.

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