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    Trapezoidal or Box Profiled Twin Skin Roofing & Cladding System

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Trapezoidal or box profiled twin skin roofing & cladding system

The PP32® roofing & cladding system is used in both new-build & refurbishment projects, providing ‘through fixed’ metal roofing & cladding systems.

These roof or cladding panels are generally manufactured in steel in a range of differing finishes to suit the environment and performance brief providing a system with exposed fixings. Twin skin trapezoidal metal systems can be used in roof and wall applications with a range of differing insulation thickness’ to suit the required U-Value.

In contrast to standing seam systems, trapezoidal or ‘through fixed’ roofing and cladding systems are manufactured in steel with sheet lengths up to 6 metres. Both the liner sheet & the outer sheet are sealed across the end laps and side laps to ensure no water ingress. The fixings are installed through the outer sheet into the IsoBar system below thus exposing the head of the fixing to the elements.

Profiles & Formats

Supplied in steel and with a vast arrange of colours, and finishes, PP32® provides a high performing, simple to install system, cost effective roofing and cladding systems.

  • 1020mm wide profile
  • 32mm profile height
  • Straight roofs down to 5 degrees
  • Smooth and crimp curved formats available

Material, Gauges & Finishes

  • Steel – 0.7mm
  • Leathergrain Plastisol, HPS200 Ultra, Colourcoat Prisma finishes.
  • All materials and finishes available in a full range of colours.

We are firmly committed to provide the highest quality products, using prime and true gauge materials to ensure the performance of all of our systems.

Systems tailored to your project

Bespoke systems can be tailored to meet your needs for your new build, modular, Volumetric or refurbishment projects:

  • Over purlin liner systems both perforated and non-perforated
  • Long spanning structural decking or tray systems
  • Plywood systems
  • Flat to pitch / flat to curved conversion refurbishment systems
  • Over-roofing refurbishment systems
  • SoundRoof acoustic sensitive systems for sound reverberation or absorption and acoustic attenuation for leisure and school metal roofing projects
  • U-Values as low as 0.05 W/m2K
  • Built up metal roof systems with a roof pitch greater than 5o
  • Single skin solutions for cold roof or flat to pitch over roofing conversion refurbishment systems

All systems backed with our Protector Warranty offering a system warranty including workmanship by regularly independently on-site auditing the installation of the system ensuring that quality systems are installed to provide the highest performing roof & façade systems.

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