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    Standing seam metal roofing system

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Standing seam metal roofing system

LokFold is a high quality, fully supported, metal roofing and cladding system available in a variety of quality metal finishes including pre-painted and mill finish aluminim, copper, zinc and stainless steel.

The LokFold system provides traditional standing seams or batten rolls on pitched roofs or walls. The system is based on metal trays which can be formed in the factory or on site, and which are fully supported by the deck to which they are attached, providing a ‘traditional’ and aesthetically pleasing roof construction that is also extremely cost effective.

Attachment to the deck is made with a combination of fixed and sliding cleats which allow for thermal movement in the length of the tray. The cleats are mechanically folded into the standing seams either by hand or using a portable folding machine.

Standard metals

LokFold is available in a variety of metals and finishes:

MetalThickness (mm)Nominal weight (kg/m2)Recommended max length of tray (m) for ease of handling
Stainless Steel0.42.6010.0
Zinc0.8 6.5010.0

Reverse coating of zinc

It is traditional to use underlay to separate zinc from the supporting layer unless the system is fully insulated. As an alternative, zinc is offered with a plastic coating on the reverse side.

Product availability

LokFold is available in a variety of formats from the plain coil to the fully installed system.


For installers who have their own roll forming capacity, we can provide coil for this purpose. As major traders in metal products, our buying capacity means that we can provide extremely cost-effective terms, particularly on aluminium and our own MicroZink products.

LokFold system

We can provide a complete system to roofing contractors including the trays (site or factory rolled), clips and other accessories, and sale or rent of specialist tools including seam formers.

Supply and install

Where required, we can offer a complete supply and installation service using our own team of skilled installers in conjunction with the roofing contractor.

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