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    Aluminium composite panels, offering a uniquely flexible and high performance solution.

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Weather resistant metal rainscreen panels

Our CladScreen metal rainscreen panels consist of an outer weather-resistant decorative skin of ACM, fixed to the underlying structure by means of a supporting grid. This maintains a ventilated and drained cavity between the façade and the structure.CladScreenCompositePanels_Diagram

We initially developed the CladScreen range of façade panels using the world famous brand, Alubond. However, the CladScreen range is also available in other ACM brands as required.

Rainscreen façades are not normally sealed, and a ventilation cavity of at least 25mm is allowed immediately behind the cladding panel. Insulation can be placed within the cavity if required, while openings at the top and bottom of clad areas allow for evaporation of moisture vapour, ventilation and drainage. Composite panels may often provide a quick and cost effective means of providing the insulation. A ventilated rainscreen incorporating insulation will still allow the building fabric to breathe without risk of interstitial condensation or structural decay.

External wall insulation used in this way is superior in performance as it eliminates the condensation risks associated with internal or cavity wall insulation – particularly important for refurbishment schemes. In newbuild, use of back-ventilated rainscreen cladding provides the opportunity to use economical, single skin, load-bearing blockwork for infill walls.

CladScreen is available in three basic systems – Interlocking, Face Fix and Adhesive.

Interlocking systemCladScreenHookOnSystem_Diagram

The interlocking system utilises a simple set of extrusions attached to cassette panels with countersunk stainless steel rivets. This allows the panels to be interlocked into adjacent panels attached to our Downer framing rainscreen support system.

The result is a fully secret fixed rainscreen system, which allows very simple construction and highlights the superior flat finish of the panels. If an individual panel is damaged, either during the build or even years after, the panel can be replaced without any disruption to the rest of the façade.


Face fix system


Face fixing allows a cost-effective means of attaching the rainscreen panels to the supporting structure. Flat panels are attached directly to the sub-frame by means of stainless steel rivets. Rivets may be capped with the same colour as the panels or in a contrasting colour for a pleasing visual effect.






CladScreenAdhesiveSystem_DiagramAdhesive System

With the adhesive method of fixing, metal rainscreen panels are bonded directly to the support frame to provide a particularly cost-effective method of attachment.






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