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Extremely durable composite panels

We have a wide range of bespoke ACM solutions to suit any application or bespoke project. ACM is typified by extreme flatness and great durability, they can be formed into a variety of shapes and panel types.

The panel in its basic structure consists of two layers of aluminium skin sandwiching a thermo-plastic core in a continuous co-extrusion process. Using new technology of mechanical and chemical bonding, ACM offers exceptional performance and long lasting integrity with various applications. ACM panels are designed for both exterior and interior use in the building industry, as well in transportation, signage and machine construction.

Top coil PVDF Kynar 500 flourocarbon exterior coating, guarantees weather resistance combined with durable colour performance.


In addition, PE polyester coating is optional in case of interior and printing signage purpose. The bottom service aluminium skin is protected with chromate treatment and polyester coating. The panel Core PE – polyethylene or FR – fire rated mineral core classified as B or A2 (according to EN 13501-1) can be used.AlubondACM_panel-layers_Diagram

  • A – Top Sheet – Protective foil – Kynar 500 PVDF Coating – Epoxy Resin Primer – Cromate Treatment – Aluminium Skin
  • B – Bynel 3073 Adhesive
  • C – PE or Fire Rated Mineral Core
  • D – Bynel 3073 Adhesive
  • E – Bottom Sheet – Aluminium Skin – Cromate Treatment – Epoxy Resin Primer Service Coat

Core Types

AlubondACM_Core-types_DiagramACM in its basic form consists of two layers of aluminium sandwiching a thermoplastic core in a continuous co-extrusion process. Core material is available in three types depending on requirements.






Features and benefits

Product advantages

  • Lightweight, extreme rigidity and flatness, provide an economical option for high quality building facades and interior cladding
  • Weather resistance combined with high acoustics, thermal and fire rated values
  • Choice of solid, metallic, granite, wood and chameleon colours
  • Easy machine processing able to provide the flexibility of shapes and realisation of complex designer solutions

ACM has distinct advantages over other cladding materials such as solid aluminium and steel with superior strength to weight ratio,as well as flatness thermal and acoustic properties as shown in the following table:

ItemACMSolid AluminiumSteel
FlatnessVery FlatUnevenUneven
Heat insulationBestPoorPoor
Sound insulation25db15db5db
Echo responseLowMediumHigh
Paint consistencyBestInconsistentInconsistent
Paint micronsEvenUnevenUneven
FabricationEasyDifficultVery Tough
Total costEconomicalMedium CostExpensive

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