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Green Roofing

Taking sustainability and low carbon construction to a new high level

Our range of green roofing systems provides choice to the specifier not just of the green roof itself, but also the roofing systems that support the green roofs. Both SpeedZip & SpeedDeck aluminium standing seam systems manufactured in long continuous sheet lengths have been used to ensure the integrity of the roof below the green roofing systems.

Over the last decade we have seen tremendous growth in the use of green roofing systems, providing a roof construction that reduces carbon emissions, removes pollutants, reduces the stress on drainage systems, creating clean environments and improving local ecologies.

There are a number of green roofing systems that be incorporated into our aluminium standing seam systems as follows:

  • LivingRoof Sedum Mat Green Roofing
  • LivingRoof Wild Meadow Flower Green Roofing
  • LivingRoof Brown Roofing


  1. Increases oxygen in the atmosphere
  2. Reduces carbon dioxide and pollutants
  3. Reduces stress on the local drainage system as the systems retain water delaying / slowing the discharge of additional water (Sustainable Urban Drainage)
  4. Additional mass assists to regulate the buildings thermal performance in both the winter and summer
  5. Enhances the longevity of the roofing fabric protecting the roof system from any temperature and atmospheric extremes
  6. Significant improvement in acoustic attenuation
  7. Promotes local wildlife habitats while reducing urban heat islands

All of the above systems require maintenance.

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