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The crowning glory of any building design is the roof. Here you can really unlock the building’s potential and unleash your creativity – making a dramatic statement with curves, flows and canopies, complemented by exciting finishes and colours.

The versatility of our roofing range lends itself to all types of market sectors and building types such as: education, leisure, health, industrial, commercial and retail. Mindful of the exacting standards covering acoustics, weather protection and thermal efficiency, our profiles deliver sleek, cost effective designs, whilst our high quality materials offer exceptional performance.

Choice and technical flexibility, which deliver curves, tapering and unique finishes cohesive roofing and cladding systems.

With some of our systems having market-leading installation speeds, our roofing products can minimise time and therefore risk on site. As you would expect from the pioneers of the systems approach, all our profiles and accessories are designed to complement each other; together they form complete and cohesive roofing and cladding systems.

You can rely on our proven technical expertise and over 40 years’ experience to ensure that your project runs smoothly, on budget and meets your expectations.

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