Top 10 reasons to choose standing seam metal roofing

Top 10 reasons to choose standing seam metal roofing

The metal standing seam roofing system is one we have all come to love and rely on. Being one of the first in the UK to pioneer the metal standing seam roofing with SpeedDeck®, the original secret fix standing seam metal roofing system – we would like to share with you our top ten reasons why this trusted roofing system, standing seam, has stood the test of time.

Overall, Metal Standing Seam Roofing systems offer design flexibility, durability, low maintenance cost and adaptability to ever-evolving acoustics, energy efficiency and sustainability targets in the construction industry. Below we briefly cover some significant benefits you will get from choosing a Metal Standing Seam Roofing System:

1. Design possibilities

Modern metal roofing systems come in nearly an infinite amount of colours, many finishes and are extremely flexible in terms of shapes and curves. The material choices of Aluminium, Steel, Copper and Zinc also offer their own individual design and finish options.

Omnis alone has standard seam metal roofing systems which can be formed in straight, tapered, radial, curved and waveform shapes. They can be self-curved, smooth curved or crimp curved to suit all barrelled vaulted, ‘hockey-stick’ or waveform complex shapes.

When you have roll locking fixing, through fixing, standard standing seam, zip-up and secret-fix standing seam roofing systems to choose from – you really are provided with an abundance of design opportunity. Working with a highly competent technical team, like Omnis, can also help you push the boundaries of these systems to create something truly unique and awe-inspiring.

2. Flexibility on sheet size – onsite rolling

With standing seam metal roofing you can take advantage of onsite rolling and the ability to create longer sheets which remove the need to have unsightly end laps. Onsite rolling and curving allows you to create bigger curves which might be impossible to deliver via road. The machine can be lifted to eaves height to enable sheets to be rolled directly onto the roof itself. Here at Omnis we have six onsite rolling machines in the UK.

3. Acoustics

A standing seam metal roof can provide excellent acoustic ability when coupled with complimentary materials that form a structural barrier to minimise drumming and sound attenuation. An engineered combination of perforated metal roof deck profiles and acoustic insulation, can drastically reduce sound reverberation. Omnis can deliver Class A absorption if required.

4. Sustainability

Sustainability is not just desirable any longer, it’s becoming more and more mandatory, with stringent building and energy codes being updated and introduced each year. Based on this fact, it’s even more important that you are provided with materials and systems which help you meet these ever-changing requirements.

Standard seam metal roofing is a truly green building material, as it uses a low amount of resources during the manufacturing process and is almost 100% recyclable. The metal used is up to 95% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. Standing seam can also be manufactured directly onsite which reduces haulage, therefore reducing environmental impact and saving on delivery costs.

Renewable energy is playing a growing role in buildings today and the rooftop provides great space for implementing initiatives such as solar panels. Omnis has a proven standing seam metal roofing system which can easily integrate UV solar panels. The panels can be used to provide thermal energy, electricity or water heating solutions.

Green Roofing can also be applied which brings benefits such as; Increased oxygen in the atmosphere, reduced carbon dioxide and pollutants, reduced stress on drainage system as the green roof retains water which delays the discharge of additional water (Sustainable Urban Drainage), the additional mass assists to regulate the buildings thermal performance and delivers significant improvement in acoustic attenuation.

5. Thermal performance

A standing seam metal roof can deliver excellent thermal performance which can help reduce a building’s overall energy waste and can deliver substantial savings over its lifetime.

The surface of the standing seam metal roof is reflective, which literally reverts solar heat back into the atmosphere, rather than being absorbed into the building. Thus, helping to reduce air conditioning costs. If painted in lighter colours it will reflect even more solar radiation.

To reduce the loss of hot and cool air through the roof, you can use various built up systems and various insulation products to help maintain a consistent interior temperature. Omnis’ standing seam metal roofing systems can accommodate varied insulation products and deliver very low U-Values with no effect on roof service life. Omnis has achieved levels as low as 0.1W/m²K and lower for certain specific projects.

6. High Security

Standing seam is perfect for high security buildings which require that extra bit of protection. Adding a steel mesh layer coupled with the insulation, renders traditional cutting equipment ineffective. Omnis has designed and manufactured many high security roofing systems which have been tested by the SAS to ensure maximum security was achieved.

7. Refurbishment made easy

Aluminium standing seam roofing can be fitted on top of existing roofs due to it’s lightweight properties, therefore it won’t add too much loading. Thus, making it a perfect solution for flat to pitch/flat to curved conversion and over-roofing refurbishment projects.

8. Expected life

If correctly installed following the manufacturers installation guide, a metal roof can last the entire lifecycle of the building. An anticipated service life of a standing seam roof can be well in excess of 50 years.

9. Durability

Metal roofing is extremely durable and most will not rot, split, crack, dry-out, chip, warp, leak, and will not be susceptible to pest infestation. Metal naturally expands and contracts as it warms and cools, therefore metal standing seam roofing systems have been designed to accommodate this type of movement. This provides flexibility for the roof panels to move with the daily and seasonal temperature changes. Generally standing seam metal roofs require practically zero maintenance and can be cleaned easily with water.

10. Weather protection

Today’s standing-seam metal roof systems are proven to deliver weathertight performance for 40 years or more. The roof acts as a monolithic surface covering the entire building and is impervious to rain and snow due to its interlocking design and surface finish. For marine areas such as seaside towns which have to deal with salt water corrosion and high winds, you would generally use aluminium, copper or a specially coated steel.

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