FAQs – SpeedDeck, Metal Roofing & Cladding System

FAQs – SpeedDeck, Metal Roofing & Cladding System

SpeedDeck® is the original secret fix standing seam metal roofing system. Take a look at the frequently asked questions we receive regarding SpeedDeck®.

Q: What is the minimum roof pitch for a SpeedDeck® roof sheet?

Answer: 1.5° installed, design to 2° – 2.5° to allow for site tolerances.

Q: Does SpeedDeck® require mechanical seaming?

Answer: No, the SpeedDeck® system is a secret fix system which requires no mechanical seaming.

Q: How are the SpeedDeck® sheets fixed down?

Answer: The SpeedDeck sheets are fixed to the structure via an engagement clip.  The SpeedDeck clip can be fixed to a light gauge bar & bracket system / purlin with two centrally located light gauge SD fixings or to a timber structure with four SD timber fixings.

Q: What insulation depth do I need to achieve a 0.18W/m²K U-value?

Answer: For a standard 0.7mm Liner and a SpeedDeck® top sheet you would require 250mm* of λ0.040 Quilt – allow an additional 10% for compression. *purlin centres greater than 1.000m. For additional information, build-ups or U-values please contact us.

Q: Can the SpeedDeck® sheets be curved?

Answer: Yes it is possible to factory smooth curve or crimp curve the SpeedDeck® sheets. Due to different curving criteria and materials available please contact the technical department with your required radii.

Q: What is the maximum SpeedDeck® sheet length available?

Answer: For a standard road delivery – 13.6m sheet lengths, longer sheets are available upon request subject to site access. An on-site rolling option is also available.

Q: Can I walk on the roof sheets?

Answer: For occasional light foot traffic you must only walk on the crowns of the SpeedDeck® roof sheets. Do not walk in the pans of the sheets.

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