FAQs – Downer Rainscreen Framing, DSC031

FAQs – Downer Rainscreen Framing, DSC031

Downer rainscreen framing are fully engineered, proprietary subframe systems constructed from high strength aluminium alloys.

Here you can find out more about why you would use system DCS031 on your next project.

Q. Why use Downer DCS031 Helping Hand Framing on your rainscreen project:-


  1. Both our Helping Hand brackets and carrier rails are made from Aluminium and this gives a minimum design life of 60 years; ideal for use in an external environment
  2. Aluminium is also recyclable so the products are sustainable
  3. The brackets are made to suit both masonry and steel substrates
  4. The brackets and rails come in various sizes; plus the brackets have a special clasp which holds the rails whilst the installer lines and levels, thus reducing the time and resource required for installation
  5. As the system is adjustable, any deviations in the support wall can be ironed out creating a level flat grid to fix the rainscreen panels to
  6. Our bracket and rail combination can achieve a range (framing zone from face of support wall to back of panel) from 49mm to 442mm thus creating a cavity depth that can accommodate external insulation and a suitable ventilation gap

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