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    For stunning looks, year after year, Colorpan definitely delivers

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A striking weatherboarding cladding, available in a wide range of colours and finishes

For superior quality, aesthetics, performance and life-cycle costs look no further than Colorpan weatherboarding cladding. With over 51 colours and six wood grains, this exceptionally weather resistant cladding system offers a spectrum of creative opportunities to enhance and add vibrancy to any building. From soft pastels or vivid colour options, to natural wood grain effects, Colorpan weatherboarding cladding has been created to complement and accentuate.

It’s cost-competitive too, with a service life of 30 years, 15 years’ UV colour stability and excellent weather and impact resistance. Colorpan weatherboarding cladding is an impermeable, low maintenance cladding solution with low moisture movement and a simple secret-fix installation system. For stunning looks, year after year, Colorpan definitely delivers.

The vertical, horizontal or diagonal fixing options are another great feature which means this cladding panel really does offer true design flexibility. Make a statement with colour and texture utilising this unique weatherboarding cladding system. It goes beyond use as decorative cladding by offering a no-rot, low maintenance façade cladding solution that maintains its looks, year after year.

Key Advantages of Colorpan

  • Excellent weather resistance and low maintenance
  • Competitive life cycle costs
  • 15 years UV colour stability
  • Available in 51 colours and six wood grain finishes
  • Simple secret fix installation
  • Available in standard weatherboarding or American sidings profile
  • Good dimensional stability with low moisture movement
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Offers design flexibility, allowing vertical, horizontal and diagonal fixing
  • Suitable for cladding fascia and soffit areas
  • Service life of 30 years

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