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Rainscreen panels provide the aesthetics to many modern buildings, changing the face of living and working spaces. For a visual impact that delivers a ‘wow’ factor, flexibility that pushes boundaries and choice that offers individuality, look no further than the complete rainscreen panels offering from Omnis.

Developed to meet the most challenging architectural design brief – from ambitious new build schemes to sympathetic refurbishment projects – our comprehensive portfolio combines true versatility with cost efficiencies you expect.

Be individual and set your creativity free with our choice of materials, colours and finishes.

Our goal is to bring your vision to life with imaginative, innovative and resilient rainscreen panels. Whether you wish to blend with your surroundings using natural hues or create a striking contrast with a bold option, the myriad of specialist materials, colours, finishes and textures produce almost unlimited design possibilities.

Our products don’t just look the part. Every panel in our range has been tested to the highest of standards and conforms to rigorous technical specifications. So you can rest assured that our rainscreen panels and supporting framing systems will deliver stunning aesthetics now and stand the test of time.


Petrarch is a versatile reconstituted stone cladding solution made up of 80% crushed stone.


A leading reinforced fibre cement composite rainscreen panel recognised for quality, high-end architecture.


This High Pressure Laminate (HPL) rainscreen cladding is a weather-resistant solution that delivers a stunning visual impact.