Downer framing

  • Downer Framing, but better

    Competitive pricing, direct from the manufacturer, improved delivery schedules

‘Downer Cladding Framing Systems’ … direct to you.

Our Downer wall cladding framing systems are fully engineered, proprietary subframe systems constructed from modern high strength aluminium alloys.

Suitable for all types and brands of cladding panels!

The company ‘Downer’, has now become Omnis.

Joining SpeedDeck, CEP Claddings, CEP Architectural Facades, CEP Panels and Rigidal/Rigisystems they have created a new driving force in the construction industry. Omnis is your complete exterior solutions provider. Along with this big change, we have made a strategic move towards working directly with customers including contractors and sub contractors. This means you can now place an order for the trusted and well loved Downer framing systems, directly from Omnis.

Put simply… same high quality framing, less fuss and better pricing.

So what does this mean to you?

Dealing direct with Omnis ‘the manufacturer of Downer Framing Systems’ will deliver to you:

  • Extremely competitive pricing structures
  • Improved service
  • Improved delivery schedules
  • The same, trusted and high quality framing systems

Our systems

  • Downer DCS031 – Helping hand
    Ideal for: Low to medium height buildings with solid masonry or stud frame walls. The aluminium sub frame system offering rapid installation and reduced costs, the Downer system incorporates HELPING HAND® wall brackets fixed back to the substrate.
  • Downer DCS021 – Omega and Zed
    Ideal for: Aluminium framing system providing cost effective alternative to timber battens, especially when there is a requirement for non-combustible framework.
  • Downer DCS041 – Floor Spanning
    Ideal for: Multi-storey buildings, this high strength, enhanced wind resistance, adjustable support system is capable of spanning storey heights without the need to introduce intermediate fixings.
  • Downer DCS002 & DCS004 – Secret fix cladding
    Ideal for: Delivering a smooth facade unobstructed by visible fixings where specifications dictate a smooth facade.

What next?

Request a price list to see how competitive we are on the trusted Downer Rainscreen Framing Systems and accessories.