Seaton 7


Seaton 7

Completion date: Ongoing since 2015, projected completion May 2017

Client: Aberdeen City Council

Architect: Aberdeen City Council

Main contractor: Keepmoat Scotland

Product: Aluminium Windows and Rainscreen Overcladding

Product detail:

Aluminium Windows: Metal Technology System 1.35 Hi+ “Top swing” fully reversible, enhanced high insulation windows with double glazed units and polyester paint finish single colour.

Aluminium Cladding: Steni Nature & Steni Colour panels. Aluminium floor spanning high rise rail system, including horizontal & vertical fire barriers, mineral fibre insulation and ppc aluminium window pods. PPC Aluminium parapet capping.

About the project:

Having previously completed similar projects in the local area, 3nr tower blocks in 2012, 3nr tower blocks 2013 and 4nr tower blocks in 2014; Omnis was the obvious choice to work on the refurbishment of a further 7nr tower blocks. This multi-million pound project is to transform the 1970s residential high-rises into modern, thermally efficient and aesthetically pleasing living areas.

The renovation needs to adhere to new quality standards and prolong the life of the building for years to come. Aberdeen City Council’s convener of communities, housing and infrastructure committee, councillor Neil Cooney, said:

“This project, in conjunction with others throughout the city will go a long way to helping the council to meet its targets on providing safe and secure homes for its citizens, the highest standard of energy efficiency and warmth, alleviating fuel poverty and reducing carbon emissions.” (Keepmoat project news).

The solution:

The council chose the more cost effective option to renovate the existing site rather than knocking down and rebuilding all 7 towers. Therefore to enhance the overall performance of the buildings, it was decided they need better insulated windows and facades as well as insulated rainscreen overcladding to protect them from the elements of rain and the north sea.

Omnis will provide approximately 4000nr Aluminium windows in a polyester paint finish to match the client’s desired aesthetics. These are Metal Technology’s System 1.35 Hi+ “Top swing” fully reversible, which provides enhanced high insulation windows in double glazed units, achieving an overall window u-value of 1.4W/m2K.

As well as suppling approximately 22,000m2 of Rainscreen overcladding, compromising of Steni Nature & Steni Colour panels, incorporated in the aluminium floor spanning high rise rail system which includes; horizontal & vertical fire barriers, mineral fibre insulation and ppc aluminium window pods. These are finished with PPC Aluminium parapet capping.

Work commenced in summer 2015 with Omnis’ complete façades team and has a projected finish of May 2017.