Old Park Farm Business Centre


Old Park Farm Business Centre

Client/ Main contractor: Smith Construction & Design

Completion date: Oct/ Nov 2015

Architect: Water Lane Architects

Sub contractor: D & G Contract Services Limited

Product: Structural Deck and SpeedDeck in mill finish stucco aluminium, crimp curved

Product detail: VT137 structural deck.  SpeedDeck crimp curved to suit roof radius. Supply and technical assistance regarding build up and radius needs

About the project:

D & G Contract services worked with Smith Construction & Design, to build a new business centre in Chelmsford, Essex. This commercial property development needed to accommodate 16 units, each one being between 200 and 1000 sq ft. The units had to combine functionality and pleasing aesthetics which tied in with the unspoilt green countryside.
The architectural design was based around a ‘traditional barn’ and functionally it had to be solid, watertight and simple to install within the tight timeframe.

The solution:

To obtain the look of a traditional barn, a curved barrel roof was specified, which had to fit the existing structure. We provided D & G Contract Services with SpeedDeck our standing seam metal roofing system, along with structural decking.

The SpeedDeck roof sheets had to be pre curved to fit the existing triple barrelled roof and then ‘secret fixed’ on to the structural deck which spanned the existing rafters in the roof structure. This suited the style and design of the building perfectly.

The installation:

D & G had to install the three barrel roofs along with two valley gutters and no internal outlets. The valley gutters to falls were insulated and fixed falling from the middle of the run to both ends, with a membrane lined gutter. Instead of a curved liner panel which would need steel purlins to support them, D & G chose an Omnis structural deck, which fixed to the curved steel trusses forming a natural curve.
They fixed the decking in place quickly, which gave the building water tightness, so the internal trades could start works earlier than programmed.
The curved top skin Aluminium standing seam SpeedDeck panels, were delivered to site and fitted perfectly forming the barrel curves.
Gerry Kelly, D & G Contract Services, commented;

Omnis provided good technical support during the construction process. This technical expertise continued through the production of the curved panels to the radius/measurements given by us. It was a pleasure working alongside Michael Mann and his team at Omnis, hopefully we can work together again on future projects.

Overall D & G were very impressed with the easy installation of the SpeedDeck standing seam roofing system.