Statement from CEP Architectural Facades regarding Grenfell Tower

Authorities investigating the Grenfell Tower tragedy should consider the design of the building’s entire exterior refurbishment rather than individual components.

That is the view of John Cowley, managing director of CEP Architectural Façades which fabricated the rainscreen panels and windows for Grenfell Tower’s cladding sub-contractor.

“We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to all those affected by this terrible tragedy,” he said.

For clarity, CEP does not manufacture Reynobond, the cladding material specified by the design and build contracting team, but the company believes it is wrong to point to individual materials or components.

“It is critical to consider the whole system including insulation materials, fire barriers, fixings and railings and you also need to look at the overall design and quality of installation,” said John Cowley.

“We prefer systems which have been designed and tested in controlled conditions so that we know they are robust and fit for purpose.

“In the US you can’t build a structure taller than 40 feet without testing the whole system in a fully rigged environment.

“Whilst we do design and supply whole systems, in this case we were one part of the jigsaw with components coming from a variety of suppliers, working with materials and specifications determined by the contractors.

“Clearly, we will participate fully in any investigation and we will co-operate with the authorities to ensure something like this could never happen again.”