Ziplok standing seam metal roofing excels acoustic test

Ziplok standing seam metal roofing excels acoustic test

Our well renowned standing seam metal roofing system, Ziplok, recently delivered overwhelmingly good results in an acoustic test which certified that it’s more than suitable for a series of upcoming Ministry of Defence (MOD) projects, where high acoustic performance is essential.

The technical team at Omnis designed two Ziplok systems and put them through physical acoustic tests to substantiate their sound attenuation capabilities. The tests took place in an accredited acoustic laboratory at SRL in Sudbury, where they undertook the process to see if the attenuation results would meet the required levels.

The results were outstanding – Ziplok achieved Rw 45dB and 48dB; which not only surpassed the project requirements but also out performed all figures generated by acoustic prediction software.

This opens up fantastic opportunities for other buildings which want to use a standing seam roofing system but also need to meet high end acoustic requirements, such as the education sector. We also have systems capable of up to 55dB in our portfolio if you need further enhanced acoustics, as produced for the BBC Elstree Studios project.

Along with this fantastic product update, we are working on a revolutionary new halter and spacer system to improve our Ziplok standing seam metal roofing system; so watch this space.

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