SpeedZip® ‘Zips up’ maintenance costs for school

SpeedZip® ‘Zips up’ maintenance costs for school

Culford School, Bury St Edmunds, is a classic case where the existing buildings 1960’s vintage felt roof had reached the end of its design life, and the costs of solving leaks and continuous maintenance problems were starting to escalate. The client, TMA Chartered Surveyors LLP (Architects) working with PJB Cladding Services Ltd (Roofing Contractor) had a choice of either specifying and installing a flat roofing system to match the existing or alternatively, to use a lightweight flat to pitch over-roofing system with a continuous aluminium standing seam roof system.

The client specified the cost effective lightweight flat to pitch over-roofing conversion system with SpeedZip ® ‘Zip Up’ standing seam system. This choice enabled many benefits as opposed to stripping off the existing flat roof.

  • Minimal disruption to the use of the building and its occupants.
  • Opportunity to upgrade the U-Value of the roof system reducing the heating / cooling costs but also reduce the carbon emissions.
  • Upgrade & improve the aesthetic of the building.
  • Significantly reduces the long-term maintenance cost of the roof.

In addition, with the existing roof in-situ kept in place, the lightweight pitched roof system and SpeedZip® ‘Zip Up’ standing seam system was quickly installed. It therefore quickly became apparent that their choice of the over-roofing system saved the client both time and money.

SpeedZip® ‘Zip Up’ Standing Seam Roofing System involves mechanically seaming a profiled side lap over a halter support system. Standing seam built up systems provide a continuous weathertight roof with no end laps, and no exposed pierced fixings.

For Culford School, the aluminium SpeedZip® standing seam roof system used in conjunction with the flat to pitch over roofing conversion system, provided the perfect cost effective solution in permanently removing water ponding typical on failed flat roofs, whilst improving the U-Value of the roof construction thereby reducing carbon emissions through energy savings.

Omnis offer a vast choice of BBA Approved secret fix roofing systems with SpeedDeck’s ‘Flat to Pitch’ or ‘Flat to Curved’ Over-Roofing conversion system.