Make substantial cost savings for the installation of SpeedDeck

Make substantial cost savings for the installation of SpeedDeck

Roofing contractors are reporting substantial cost savings for the installation of standing seam systems by installing SpeedDeck® top sheet profile which allows them to typically install approx 850m2 per day with SpeedRoof® being installed at a rate of 500m2 per day, compared to SpeedZip® 250m2per day (All based on a three man installation team.)

Omnis, are the only manufacturer who can supply three different standing seam profiles to suit different aesthetics, performance, and budget criteria offering our customers with real choice.

With the system being identical from the WalkLiner® or VT Structural Decking to the top of the IsoBar® support system, the savings are based purely on installation of top sheet.

“The roof area was a shallow barrel vaulted roof, of approximately 5,555m2, installation time of the liners and Isobar was approximately 3 weeks and 2 days, 3 days for the on-site rolling and 6 days for installation of the insulation and top sheet.Day 1 of installing the top sheet area laid 500m2 due to setting out of the secret fix clips and getting used to installing the system and getting a good working rhythm going, the next 5 days 5 men installing 1,000m2 per day.

On programme we originally had 6 and ½ weeks for the total install and managed to complete it within 5 weeks, thus increasing our profit margin quite considerably.”

Sean Partridge from S & G Industrial Roofing Ltd

Savings can also be made due to the widths of the profiles. With SpeedDeck® covering 510mm, SpeedRoof® covering 475mm and SpeedZip® only covering 408mm meaning that the narrower the cover width the increased number of fixing clips required. The cost of SpeedZip® and systems like it are not only impacted by increased costs due to accessories but also by the additional need to finish the profile on site with the seaming tool.

Additional savings of the alternative standing seam systems include less perimeter verge, ridge and eaves components, thereby increasing installation productivity, and reducing costs.

Example of Installation Saving – 3,000m2 of standing seam roofing common standing seam profile:

SpeedZip® ‘Zip Up’ Standing Seam:

3,000m2 based on 250m2 per day = 12 Working Days

SpeedDeck® Secret Fix Standing Seam:

3,000m2 based on 850m2 per day = 4 Working Days
Saving 8 working days compared to SpeedZip

SpeedRoof® Steel Secret Fix Standing Seam:

3,000m2 based on 700m2 per day = 5 Working Days
Saving 7 working days compared to SpeedZip

With the increased installation speed of SpeedDeck® there are naturally additional savings to be had on site with items such as:-

  1. Edge protection
  2. Scaffold
  3. Scissor lifts, or tele-handler
  4. Roof access towers
  5. Forklift or lifting plant
  6. Storage containers
  7. Generator & small tools
  8. Accommodation and travel allowance