Record breaking installation of SpeedDeck® secret fix standing seam roofing

Record breaking installation of SpeedDeck® secret fix standing seam roofing

S & G industrial Roofing Ltd install 925m2 per day of SpeedDeck® top sheet installation.

Omnis supplied S & G Industrial Roofing with their SpeedDeck® standing seam secret fix roofing system which is designed to offer a fast and simple installation. With a roof area of 5,555m2, the SpeedDeck® roof profile was manufactured on-site at the eaves of the building within 3 days and installed a following 6 days later, demonstrating the speediness in SpeedDeck®.

Sean Partridge, Senior Director of S & G Industrial Roofing’s comments that “If SpeedDeck was not available and a Zip Up’ standing seam roof profile had been chosen instead, a further 3 weeks of installation would have been required. Therefore plant would have had to remain onsite for longer, further increasing costs.”

When comparing the two different types of systems, Sean continues, “the benefits of the SpeedDeck® metal roofing system to ‘Zip Up’ standing seam systems are; less setting out; less perimeter components; less time actually installing the product; no time consuming zipping of the seams i.e. once the sheet is landed it is just locked into position, whereas if being zipped you have to wait for the zipping machine to travel up and over the seam and then back, this in turn incurs downtime on labour and a slower installation.”

SpeedDeck® roof system is supplied in both aluminium and steel material with the additional benefit of on-site rolling. In addition, Sean comments, “The benefits we found from on-site rolling were that there were less transportation costs for materials on site, as this would have incurred approximately 8 lorry loads of materials under police escort due to the length of material. Had we have been hoisting materials from the floor, i.e. 51 metre long sheets, on two of the days of us on-site rolling, we would not have been able to crane lift the sheets due to adverse wind conditions, thus incurring us extra costs for crane hire and down time, this also bodes well for the architects BREEAM credits.”

News_record breaking SpeedDeck® secret fix standing seam roofing_2Omnis, supply three different types of ‘Zip Up’ & secret fix standing seam roof profiles providing specifiers and customers REAL choice in roofing solutions. SpeedDeck® is an alternative secret fix standing seam metal roofing system solution to the “Zip Up” type standing seam systems, with it’s double interlocking ribs and clips to ensure strength, watertight integrity and a fast installation process, it is definitely the reason why more and more customers are choosing SpeedDeck over other standing seam systems.

S & G Industrial Roofing were not only pleased with the overall outcome of Omnis but were also pleased with their excellent customer service; including the sales team that were of great help and support from the time of enquiry to the delivery of materials onsite, to the technical support team who aided with their in-depth knowledge of answering any queries.

In essence, Sean concluded “we would recommend SpeedDeck® again to our customers, it is a very good system with an uncomplicated and quick installation and with the support of the SpeedDeck staff it makes for a smoother running project. We support Omnis because they can offer us a full envelope solution including green roofing, structural decking and refurbishment solutions. Now, we will actively promote utilising their systems in upcoming projects.”