HELPING HAND® fixing system used as part of BBC DIY SOS project

HELPING HAND® fixing system used as part of BBC DIY SOS project

Omnis Downer Rainscreen Framing was chosen by BBC’s DIY SOS team in their biggest project to date, transforming a dilapidated youth centre in Liverpool for Children in Need.

The one-off charity special dubbed ‘The Big Build’ recently aired on the BBC. The DIY SOS team, with voluntary help worked to regenerate the Norris Green Youth Centre in North Liverpool. The centre is located in one of the deprived areas of Liverpool and is regarded as a beacon of hope in the local community with 50 children and young people attending every evening, seven days a week.

Originally built as an old boys club 52 years ago, the building resembles two aircraft hangers next to each other. The Downer HELPING HAND® façade fixing system was used with Trespa Meteon panels to dramatically transform the aged exposed aggregate finish of the building. The flexibility of Downer’s rapid-fix system made for a quick installation, covering not only concrete but timber finished areas of the building. The external façade is now an iconic feature of the youth centre providing a quick to install, robust and easy to maintain solution. Opting for a cost effective face-fix system, Omnis’ superb colour matched panel fasteners blend integrally with the panels giving an attractive and cheerful looking building that can be easily maintained for future generations.

The centre has been credited with transforming many young lives over the years by broadening their horizons, developing skills, confidence and positive attitudes to equip them to deal with the complexities of teenage life.

Naturally, an uplift to the building would play a significant effect on the children and young people by providing a pleasing and positive environment. The challenge was to complete the renovation project in 10 days relying completely on the generosity of local tradesmen and companies. A similar project is estimated to take between 6 and 8 months to complete with a cost in the region of 1.2m.

Working under huge time constraints, SR Cladding Ltd made good use of the efficiency of Omnis’ HELPING HAND® fixing system over the variable existing wall surfaces whilst FGF Ltd prepared the Trespa panels to complete the visually enhancing solution for the Norris Green renovation project. With increasing interest in renovating dilapidated buildings, Downer’s façade systems work with any panel shape and any size of building, catering to the creativeness of architects and designers.