Petrarch cladded BRE Visitor Centre wins sustainability award

Petrarch cladded BRE Visitor Centre wins sustainability award

We’re pleased to announce that the Petrarch cladded, BRE Visitor Centre, has recently won two awards at Glasgow Institute of Architects 2012 Design Awards.

Winner: Sustainability Award
Commendation: Office, Commercial, Industrial, Leisure or Retail Design

The BRE Visitor Centre, built by CCG and designed by Kraft Architecture, is the first phase in a broader master plan to create a ‘community of the future.’ Cost effective, innovative and sustainable, the centre is a prime example of how intuitive, homegrown products can be used in commercial applications to help foster a brighter, sustainable future. Read more about the centre here.

Omnis’ (previously CEP Claddings) UK produced Petrarch was the preferred choice, for the exterior of the entire centre. The overall effect is aesthetically striking. But with Petrarch, it’s not all about looks. Bruce Newlands, Director of Kraft Architecture, had this to say.

“We chose Petrarch rainscreen cladding for the BRE Visitor Centre at the Ravenscraig Innovation Park, initially because of its very high BREEAM A+ Rating, together with its unrivalled robustness. The board is extremely durable, and vandal and graffiti resistant. However, the board has other aesthetic qualities that are a direct result of its manufacture – reconstituted stone in a through coloured, easy to handle board. The ‘smooth heather’ board that we used has slate dust as a key ingredient, and we believe this gives the project a fascinating and complex veneer that changes constantly under different daylight conditions. The secret fix option also helped us achieve a rich yet simple, contemporary aesthetic. Something which we were striving for.”