Bespoke colour for the University of East Anglia

Bespoke colour for the University of East Anglia

Located in 320 acres of parkland the University of East Anglia is an internationally renowned university based in a campus that provides quality academic, social and cultural facilities to over 13,000 students.

In designing the new student accommodation and learning centre LSI Architects wanted to deliver a high quality, technically sophisticated new Business School on behalf of Kier Eastern. The centre features state-of-the-art seminar rooms, a 360-seat lecture theatre, break-out study pods, a cafeteria and an exhibition space.

LSI Architects needed a product that was light weight, cost effective and could be manufactured and delivered within a short time frame and specified 3,000qm of Petrarch reconstituted stone cladding. The Petrarch was manufactured at our premises in East Sussex and was produced to a unique colour to meet the architect’s requirements.

As the modern alternative to stone, cement and slate, Petrarch panels give the impact needed to make designs stand out from the crowd. They bring individuality and style to a building whilst being extremely durable, maintenance free and highly resistant to impact.

Manufactured in the UK, Petrarch’s combination of strength and lightweight in both 7mm and 10mm formats make it the ideal choice for unique facades, curtain walling and rainscreen facade applications.